Lawful Development Certificate and Appeal and Enforcement Notice Appeal

Relating to The Coach House, High Peak House, Chapel-En-Le-Frith, SK23 0PU

Using the links below, you can view the core documents to the Lawful Development Certificate applications, and respective appeals, in relation to the Coach House, Blackbrook.

Please note that further material may be added to this libray as it is received.

Core Evidence Index

Core evidence document index

(A) LDC Application (1) Ref. NP-HPK-1015-0997 (CD1 to CD23)
(B) Appeal (1) Ref. APPM9496X163144521 (CD24 to CD43)
(C) LDC Application (2) Ref. NP-HPK-0416-0333 (CD44 to CD55)
(D) Invalid LDC Application (3) NP-INV-0616-0557 (CD56 to CD68)
(E) Resumption of Appeal (1) Ref. APP-M9496-X-16-3144521 (CD69 to CD73)
(F) Appeal (2) relating NP-M9496-X-16-3144521 (CD74)
(G) Resumption of Appeal Ref. APP-M9496-X-16-3144521 (CD75 to CD85)
(H) LDC Application (4) Ref NP-HPK-1216-1261 (CD86 to CD105) (CD106 to CD118)
(I) Enforcement Notice Ref. 15/0141 (CD119 to CD120)
(J) Joined Appeals - LDC Appeal 3177925 and Enfocement Appeals 3177720 and 3177721 (CD121 to CD151)

If you wish to discuss the applications with the relevant case officer, please contact Jo Birkin on 01629 816315 or email to