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National Parks England


PDNPA Lead Officer – Phil Mulligan, Chief Executive.

The Chair of the Authority is appointed as the Authority’s representative.

National Parks England exists to support policy and practice by coordinating the views of the 10 English National Park Authorities (NPAs). It does this by:

·         Providing a collective voice for the views of the English NPAs

·         Raising the profile of the work of the authorities to policy makers, Parliamentarians and other decision makers

·         Facilitating discussions amongst NPAs on issues of common concern

·         Supporting the development and capacity of the NPAs to effect change

·         Working in partnership with other bodies where this adds value


The Chair of National Parks England is elected from 8 National Park Authority Chairs each year. The Chair:

·         helps provide strategic direction to the organisation

·         chairs the National Parks England Board meetings

·         represents the Association at Ministerial and other high level meetings

More information about National Parks England is available on their website National Parks England: National Parks England


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