Agenda and minutes

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Appointment of Chair of the Committee for the ensuing year (the Chair and Vice Chair are required by the constitution to be from separate sides. The Members held the Chair of the Committee last).


Appointment of Vice Chair of the Committee for the ensuing year


Appointment of Secretary of the Committee


Minutes of last meeting pdf icon PDF 148 KB


Members Declarations of Interest


Employee Engagement Improvement Action Plan


    In the absence of the Head of Human Resources the Director of Corporate Resources presented a report setting out the Committee’s role in the scrutinising process on the Employee Engagement Improvement Action Plan.


    The following updates in relation to the themes were noted:


    ·         Theme 1 - Workshops had been held with staff and Members

    ·         Theme 2 - The last session with Francis Strickland, consultant, and the Management Team had been held this week in preparation for the arrival of the new Chief Executive.  It had been agreed to ask the new CEO if she would like to hold a final session which involved her too.

    ·         Theme 3 - Management Team had discussed the action plan to improve internal communications.  Further discussion on this issue was being held during the following week.

    ·         Theme 4 – see the report for item 10 on the agenda for this meeting.

    ·         Theme 5 – JPAR docments for staff had been updated.  A working group was working on an action plan and it is intended that the JPAR procedure will be audited robustly, including ensuring that learning and development requests are taken forward.  Staff will be made aware of all changes to the procedure.

    ·         Theme 6 – updating of the disciplinary procedure will be done when the changes to the JPAR process have been finalised.

    ·         Theme 7 – Workshops are being developed to improve skills of managers based on the competency framework

    ·         Theme 8 – The Head of Human Resources is in the process of progressing work on the Well Being at Work policy.  The Director of Corporate Resources was checking to see if the policy needed to be reported to the Authority meeting.

    ·         Theme 9 – no update

    ·         Theme 10 – Darren Butler had been appointed as the new Head of Information Management.  Progress was being made on moving forward with development of the revised Strategy.




    That work to progress on the Employee Engagement Improvement Action Plan is endorsed.



Trade Union Recognition and Procedural Agreement


Review of General Statement of Safety Policy pdf icon PDF 61 KB


Report on Incident Reporting With Particular Reference to Violence and Aggression Toward Staff and Follow-Up Procedures pdf icon PDF 65 KB

    Additional documents:


    Following a request made at a previous meeting the Safety Officer introduced a report describing the Policy and systems in place for incident reporting and the specific arrangements for dealing with incidents of violence and aggression.




    1.            To recognise that suitable systems were in place for incident reporting and that arrangements for following-up violent incidents and for maintaining a list of perpetrators had been made.


    2.            To endorse the proposal for incident reporting, including for violent incidents, to be specifically referred to in management competencies and at JPAR.



Staff Committee Activity Report : June – October 2014


    Wendy Amis presented the report of the Staff Committee activities which included:


    ·         Consultations on reports and other staff related consultations

    ·         Supporting staff through grievance and assimilation processes

    ·         Regular meetings between Management Team and Staff Committee

    ·         Meetings with the Head of Human Resources and Unison

    ·         The Think BIG staff suggestion scheme

    ·         Changes in staff committee membership

    ·         Events during 2014 including the Christmas Fayre on 2 December.


    Cllr Mrs Potter expressed appreciation for the Staff Committee’s efforts in relation to the Christmas Fayre.




    That the  report be noted.



Unison Activity Report pdf icon PDF 67 KB


    The Committee consider the activity report of UNISON which included:


    ·         National public sector strike action

    ·         Developing the recognition agreement

    ·         Supporting UNISON Members

    ·         Meetings with Management Team and the Head of Human Resources

    ·         Discussions on zero hours contracts

    ·         Developing policies


    It was noted that during the next 6 months UNISON priorities included:


    ·         Re-exploring the relationship with Staff Committee

    ·         Monitoring the use of zero hours contracts

    ·         Staff recruitment, particularly casual staff

    ·         Encouraging provision for planning for retirement and pensions.

    ·         Looking at staff survey questions with Head of Human Resources, as it was perceived questions in the current survey were more closed this time.


    The Director of Corporate Resources will feedback to the Head of Human Resources regarding the retirement planning and staff survey questions issues.




    That the report be noted.