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Meetings of the Authority and its Committees usually take place at our main offices at Aldern House, Baslow Road, Bakewell, however when necessary meetings may take place at venues other than Aldern House. Details of the venues will be given on the agendas for the meetings when they are published. Our meetings are open to the public but please note that sometimes space is limited and priority given to those participating in the meeting. The meetings will be broadcast live via YouTube and available to view after the meeting via our website. Meetings which were held between May 2020 and April 2021 were broadcast via YouTube and recordings of these can still be viewed using the following link:

View live and historical meetings on YouTube

If you wish to make represesentations at a meeting you should contact before 12 noon on the Wednesday before the meeting.

Please get in touch if you need more information.

Venue: Aldern House, Baslow Road, Bakewell

Contact: Democratic and Legal Support Team 


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Roll Call of Members Present, Apologies for Absence and Members Declarations of Interest



Minutes of previous meeting of the 8th September 2023 pdf icon PDF 390 KB



Urgent Business



Public Participation

To note any questions or to receive any statements, representations, deputations and petitions which relate to the published reports on Part A of the Agenda.



Full Application - Conversion of former garage & workshop to form single dwelling at Hill Cross, Ashford in the Water. NP/DD0223/0147, SC) pdf icon PDF 331 KB


Retrospective Planning Consent (re-submission) for the retention of a shepherds hut for tourist accommodation and for ancillary washroom on land to the west side of Townend Lane, Waterfall, Waterhouses. (NP/SM/0623/0743, SC) pdf icon PDF 269 KB


Household Application - Alterations and extensions to Wynfield, Holme Lane, Bakewell. (NP/DDD/0823/0901 LB) pdf icon PDF 324 KB

The meeting adjourned for a short break at 11:00am and reconvened at 11.05am.


Full Application - For the erection of farm buildings and associated excavation work, including the demolition of an existing farm building, at Knowle House Farm, Reapsmoor (NP/SM/0823/0951, DH) pdf icon PDF 236 KB


Full Application - Erection of a lambing shed and access track - field to the corner of Oaks Lane and Ughill Wood Lane, Bradfield (NP/S/0223/0115, RB) pdf icon PDF 438 KB


Full Application - New forestry building on land off A625, Froggatt Bridge, Calver (NP/DDD/0623/0604, SC) pdf icon PDF 435 KB


Approval of Brampton Neighbourhood Plan to Submit for Referendum (CW) pdf icon PDF 328 KB


Approval of Whaley Bridge Neighbourhood Plan to Submit for Referendum (CW) pdf icon PDF 328 KB

The meeting adjourned for a short break at 12:15pm and reconvened at 12.20pm.


Monitoring & Enforcement Quarterly Review - October 2023 (A1533/AJC) pdf icon PDF 298 KB


Monthly Planning Appeals Report (A.1536/KH) pdf icon PDF 78 KB