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Due to the current Coronavirus distancing restrictions meetings of the Authority and its Committees will not take place at Aldern House. The forthcoming meetings of the Authority, Planning Committee and the Programmes and Resources Committees will take place through video conferencing. These meetings will be broadcast live on YouTube and can be viewed using the following link:

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If you wish to make represesentations at a virtual meeting you should contact before 12 noon on the Wednesday before the meeting.

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Venue: Board Room, Aldern House, Baslow Road, Bakewell

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Urgent Business


Members' Declarations of Interest

    Members are asked to declare any disclosable pecuniary, personal or prejudicial interests they may have in relation to items on the agenda for this meeting.


    Item 5


    Cllr Andrw McCloy declared a personal interest as a member of the Ramblers Association.



Public Participation


Proposed Traffic Regulation Order at Wetton Hills (A76228/SAS) pdf icon PDF 192 KB

    Additional documents:


    It was noted that some Members of the Committee had visited the site on the previous day.


    Sue Smith, the Rights of Way Officer informed Members that a Section 56 notice had been served on Staffordshire County Council Highways, to reinstate the route. Works had taken place in September 2019 which were now substantially completed and a temporary TRO had been made by Staffordshire County Council to facilitate the works.  Members now needed to consider whether these works had an effect on the decision taken in September 2018 to proceed to make a permanent traffic regulation order. 


    The Officer then went onto introduce the report and informed Members of 4 representations that had been received by the Authority since the report had been published, from Staffordshire County Council, GLASS, Trail Riders Fellowship and the National Trust, which she then went onto summarise.


    The following spoke under the public participation at meetings scheme:


    Andrew Sebire, Supporter

    Andrew Whitehouse, Supporter

    Anne Robinson, Friends of the Peak District

    Alison Turner, Local Access Forum

    Patricia Stubbs, Peak District Green Lanes Alliance

    Susan Reiblein, Supporter

    Martin Snowdin, Supporter

    Phillipa Stupples, Supporter


    Members considered that the repairs undertaken by Staffordshire County Council had not changed the character or fabric of the route and that the reason for making a permanent traffic regulation order had not changed.  A permanent TRO was needed to preserve the amenity and conserve the natural beauty and character of the route which outweighed the needs of mechanically propelled vehicular users of the route notwithstanding that such a restriction would affect the expeditious and convenient use of the route by mechanically propelled vehicles.


    The motion to proceed with the making of a permanent traffic regulation order was moved, seconded, voted on and carried.





    That Members agreed that the resolution at the ARP Committee meeting on 7th September 2018 is confirmed and the Authority proceeds to make a Permanent Traffic Regulation Order under Section 22 BB(2)(a) Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 that will have the effect of prohibiting use by mechanically propelled vehicles at all time at Wetton Hills (subject to specified exemptions).



    Cllr C Farrell and Mrs C Waller left the room at 10.55am and returned at 11.00am



Proposed plan for the Programme and Resources Committee's forthcoming work on the Four Agreed Programmes (SF) pdf icon PDF 220 KB

    Additional documents:


    Sarah Fowler, Chief Executive presented her report to Members to outline the 4 agreed programme areas of the new Programmes and Resources Committee and how those areas would support the delivery of the 2019-24 Corporate Strategy.  It also showed which Officer  within the Authority would be overseeing those areas, and the indicative timetable.


    The 4 agreed programme areas were Climate Change, Landscape Monitoring and Delivery, Volunteering and Visitor Experience and Recreation Hubs. 

    It was considered that there was a need for a  Member led Task and Finish Climate Change Working Group to be set up with Officers, as there was concern amongst Members that the target date of 2050 for being carbon neutral was too far off, and that the Authority needed to work to respond to the climate change challenge, particularly as there were other organisations that had set target dates of 2030.


    Sarah Fowler reported that a paper updating Members on the Climate Summit, which was taking place in Buxton on the 15th October, would be presented to the next Programmes & Resources Committee in December,  but that the Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment would not be available so would be presented at a future Committee for discussion.  The Chief Executive suggested that the next meeting would be an appropriate time to for the Committee to consider the role, responsibilities and resources for the suggested Climate Change Task and Finish Group.


    The Members thanked Officers for the work done so far and noted that as this was a new way of working it would be sensible to keep it under regular review.


    The recommendation as set out in the report was moved, seconded, put to the vote and carried.





    ·         That Members approve the proposed approach for Member and Officer engagement into each of the 4 programmes.


    ·         That Members approve the proposed programme activity and strategic engagement for 2 of the 4 programme areas – climate change and landscape programmes monitoring and delivery.