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Minutes of Previous Meeting held on 15 May 2020 pdf icon PDF 346 KB


Urgent Business


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Public Participation


Diverse Audience Plan (SW) pdf icon PDF 504 KB


Approval of the Authority's Carbon Management Plan 2 (MF) pdf icon PDF 322 KB

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    The Corporate Property Manager introduced a report setting outla Carbon Management Plan for 2020-2050 which had been developed with the involvement of the Climate Change Member Task Group.


    Members welcomed the report and the progress made over the past two years.  Members asked that the targets set for 2050 be achieved as soon as possible and encouraged the Climate Change Member Task Group and Officers to look at achieving  zero emissions earlier than 2050.  The Chair of the Climate Change Member Task Group confirmed that the aim was to achieve large reductions  by 2030. 


    The recommendation as set out in the report was moved, seconded, put to the vote and carried.




    1.    To approve the Authority’s Carbon Management Plan 2 as set out in Appendix 1 of the report.



Memorandum of Understanding - Peak Gateway (AB) pdf icon PDF 436 KB

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    Cllr Gill Heath left the meeting at 11.00 during consideration of this item.


    The report was introduced by the Director of Commercial Development & Engagement who highlighted the benefits to the Authority of this opportunity to be part of a strategic partnership and be in a position to influence private investment in the development by entering into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the developer.


    Members requested that the partnership be carefully monitored to ensure there was no reputational risk and that resource input was kept to a minimum. The Director of Commercial Development & Engagement confirmed that the reputational risk would be monitored.


    The Head of Policy & Communities highlighted how the research carried out for the project on sustainable transport would benefit the Authority and help to increase the information held on carbon and transport.


    It was noted that the developer had signed MOUs with other organisations but these had not been seen by the Authority as they were on a different basis and, covered other areas of the development such as job creation. It was confirmed that all of the signed MOUs would be shared following sign off.


    The Director of Commercial Development & Engagement advised that the Authority could withdraw from the agreement at any time and that it was not legally binding.


    Members agreed that, as the development was going ahead, this was an opportunity for the Authority to influence the work to encourage visitors to arrive at the resort by public transport and travel into the National Park by sustainable transport.

    The Chief Executive thanked Members for the valuable discussion which she would reflect in the final version of the MOU.


    The recommendation as set out in the report was moved, seconded, put to the vote and carried.




    To authorise the Chief Executive, following  consultation with the Head of Law and Director of Commercial Development & Engagement, to sign on behalf of the Authority a Memorandum of Understanding with Milligan and Birchall Properties for the PEAK RESORT with regard to the development of a PEAK Gateway facility.



Proposal to make a bid to the EU Horizon 2020 Fund pdf icon PDF 372 KB


    A was introduced by the Head of Policy & Communities who explained how, if approved, the project would overlap with other work linked to Climate Change.  It was confirmed that the work would be developed with Sheffield University who would provide additional talent to help the Authority understand the best interventions to reduce the impact of climate change.


    Members sought and received assurances that there were suffiecient resources available to carry out the project and that Brexit would not impact on the funding.  The Director of Conservation & Planning confirmed that, as the project work was complimentary to work already being carried out by the team on recreational hubs, resources was available.


    The Director of Corporate Strategy & Development confirmed that there was a slight financial risk as the funding was paid in Euros so changes in the exchange rate could reduce the value of the funding.  It was noted that if the bid was successful a report would come back to the Programmes & Resources Committee which would provide details of any contingency required to cover this issue and review capacity before the funding was accepted.


    The proposal as set out in the report was moved, seconded, put to the vote and carried.




    To authorise the Director of Planning, following consultation with the Head of Finance, to develop and submit a funding bid by 10 September 2020.



Notes of meetings of the Member Climate Change Member Task Group pdf icon PDF 272 KB