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Venue: Aldern House, Baslow Road, Bakewell


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Roll Call of Members Present, Apologies for Absence and Members Declarations of Interest


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Ms Witter declared a personal interest due to her involvement with MOSAIC.


Minutes of Previous Meeting held on 20 January 2023 pdf icon PDF 329 KB


The minutes of the previous meeting held on 20 January 2023 were approved as a correct record.



Urgent Business


There was no urgent business.


Public Participation

To note any questions or to receive any statements, representations, deputations and petitions which relate to the published reports on Part A of the Agenda.


No members of the public had given notice to make representations to the Committee.



Landscape & Nature Recovery Aim Overview (SLF) pdf icon PDF 227 KB

Additional documents:


The Head of Landscape and the Team Manager for Natural Environment and Rural Economy both attended to present the report and to give a short presentation to Members on what had been achieved since the last report in 2022 including  developing the One Nature Recovery Plan for the Peak District, key uncertainties and issues and what this means for the future.


The Head of Landscape informed Members  that the Farming in Protected Landscapes Programme (FiPL) had so far delivered 213 projects delivering for the 4 themes climate, nature, people and place with £1.7 milllion funding support over the two years.  Example projects include:


·         restoring 7ha of wood pasture on privately owned land adjoining the Authority’s North Lees Estate,

·         enhancing 92ha of species rich grassland,

·         creation of a short circular access route, just off the Tissington Trail, with   benches being provided by the farmers at their own cost.

·         restoration of Alsop Moor Limekiln with the help of volunteers.


Other projects included the restoration of 16 field barns at a cost of £2.7million of which 80% of that amount was grant aided as part of Defra’s Countryside Stewardship Historic Buildings Restoration Pilot; the undergrounding of some of the overhead power lines in the Longdendale Valley and at Dunford Bridge.


Members thanked the Officers for the report and presentation and the exemplary partnership work, but queried whether the Authority should be publicising the good news more widely and possibly put temporary advertising signs up on site showcasing the projects that had been funded by the Authority.  The Head of Landscape reported that some projects already did that, and that work on using a QR code instead of on-site interpretation were also being considered.


The recommendations as set out in the report were moved, seconded, put to the vote and carried.





1.    To note the Peak District National Park Management Plan 2023-28 aim on landscape and nature recovery, progress in landscape and nature recovery since April 2022 and what this means for the future.


2.    To note that a report will be brought to the Authority seeking permission to continue the temporary suspension of Standing Orders to enable a fourth year of FiPL programme delivery.


Welcoming Place Aim Overview (SW) pdf icon PDF 265 KB

Additional documents:


The Head of Engagement presented the report which was to inform Members on the progress on the National Park Management Plan (NPMP) Welcoming Aim and the Authority’s progress in responding to the Landscape for  All since October 2021.  So far the work included the following.


·         School visits back to full deliver targets since covid

·         Generation Green Project had now been completed

·         Working in partnership with the RSPB on developing the Nature Prescriptions Project which helps to improve the quality of life and wellbeing for people through nature

·         Health & Wellbeing Test Pilots which include a wide range of accessible walks.  This has been helped with being given a small pot of money from the Foundation which has helped to support this work.

·         Revision of the Diverse Audience Plan

·         Bringing in the access and rights of way team and the peak park countryside volunteers into the new structure of the team to help support delivery.


The Access & Rights of Way Officer then gave a presentation on the Access for All Programme and shared photographs with the Members on some of the work that had been done on improving access and removing barriers so that everyone feels welcome which included:


·         Creating and enhancing the Miles without Stiles routes.

·         Developing facilities at key locations and improving online information

·         Increasing the number of people participating


The Access & Rights of Way Officer reported that funding of £131,000 had been received from DEFRA which had been spent on  surfacing and widening of routes and gate installation, resting places, signage, videos and guides as well as purchasing new trampers to add to the current fleet, inclusive cycles and wheelchairs with 5.6km of accessible paths being created.  It was also reported that Castleton had been reviewed as an accessible village.


The Project Development Manager for Championing National Parks for Everyone then gave a presentation to Members on the work that the Authority in partnership with Mosaic,  had collaborated on to support diverse communities to visit and enjoy the Peak District.  The Officer reported that Mosaic had successfully applied to the National Lottery Heritage Fund to develop and expand the range of Mosaic work and to include two other National Parks, ie Yorkshire Dales and the North Yorkshire Moors. 


Members thanked the Officers for their reports and presentations, and were pleased to see so much going on despite resource issues and it was also good to see the Peak District National Park as a pioneer in bringing new people into the Park.


The recommendations as set out in the report were moved, seconded, put to the vote and carried.




1.            To note the Peak District National Park Management Plan 2023-28, aim on Welcoming Place and progress in delivering against the NPE Landscapes for All since October 2021 and what this means for the future.

2.            To note the updated Diverse Audience Plan (DAP) as a detailed document to support the Authorities delivery in this area as set out in Appendix 1 of the report.


Notes of the meeting of the Member Climate Change Task Group of 12th January 2023 pdf icon PDF 23 KB




To note the minutes of the Climate Change Member Steering Group held on the 12th January 2023.



Exempt Minutes from meeting on the 20 January 2023


The exempt minutes of the previous meeting held on 20 January 2023 were approved as a correct record.



Chair's Announcment


The Chair of Programmes & Resources (P&R) Committee reported that this would be Mr Zahid Hamid’s last P&R Committee meeting as his term of office as a Secretary of State appointed Member would end on the 30th June.  On behalf of the Members, the Chair expressed thanks to him for his hard work as the previous Chair of P&R Committee and as the Chair of the Audit, Resources and Performance (ARP) Committee.  The Chair also thanked Cllr Chris Furness (a previous Vice Chair of ARP Committee) and Cllr Andrew McCloy (as a previous Chair of ARP Committee) for their hard work too as they had both indicated that they would not be returning to the Authority after the local government elections in May.