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Information about Peak District Local Access Forum

The Peak District Local Access Forum is an independent group that meets regularly to review and advise the National Park Authority and Derbyshire County Council on improvements to public access to the countryside of the Peak District.


The forum first met in December 2000 following the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000. It was re-established in 2003 with new members.


It usually meets every three months at Aldern House, Bakewell, with occasional meetings at other venues. Its members bring experience of a broad range of interests including walking, climbing and cycling, farming, land management, conservation and local business.


More information

The Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has issued a document to guide and assist forums in carrying out their duties. It also contains advice and information for forum secretaries, the appointing authorities and other bodies, which may receive advice from a forum.

Guidance on Local Access Forums in England (565KB) from Defra

For more information about the Peak District Local Access Forum, please contact:


Mike Rhodes
Access and Rights of Way Manager and Local Access Forum Secretary

Peak District National Park Authority
01629 816 289