Committee details

Member Appointments Process Panel Information

Purpose of committee

The Member Appointments Process Panel was established in 2013 and is appointed to annually.  The Panel aims to facilitate decision-making at the Annual Authority Meeting to ensure the annual meeting operates efficiently and effectively, that Members can offer service in the areas of most interest to them, and the Authority can make best use of Members’ skills and experience.


The Panel is made up of 2 Local Authority Members and 2 Secretary of State Members with 1 reserve Member for each.  Members seeking appointment to leadership roles ie Chairs, Deputy and Vice Chairs are excluded from being part of the Panel.  The Customer and Democratic Support Manager assists the Panel.


The Panel meets once in advance of the Annual Authority meeting, with any further meetings only if required to resolve any outstanding issues.


As well as taking the Authority’s agreed appointment principles into consideration the Panel also has regard for the Standing Orders which refers to the process for appointing the Chair and Deputy Chair of the Authority.


Each year in advance of the Annual Authority meeting the Panel will:


·         invite, receive and consider expressions of interests from all Members in the annual appointments

·         meet to apply the Authority’s agreed appointment principles and identify any issues that conflict with the agreed principles

·         contact relevant Members to discuss and resolve issues if possible

·         compile a list of candidates for the appointments for consideration at the Annual meeting and present this to the meeting.


The list of candidates presented to the Annual meeting does not prevent further nominations being received on the day at the meeting.


The Appointment Principles can be viewed here