Committee details

Local Plan Review Member Steering Group Information

Purpose of committee

The Local Plan Review Member Steering Group is an informal group whose purpose is to advise Officers and Members in reaching any decisions to moving forward planning policy and was initially appointed in 2018.  This is inline with Government guidance in the National Planning Policy Framework which states that local planning authorities should review their Local Plans every 5 years. Experience gained through producing the Development Management Policies and producing the Core Strategy has demonstrated the benefit of working closely with Members during the development of planning policy so it was agreed to establish the Member Steering Group to work with others throughout all stages of the 5 year review timetable (2019 to 2024).


The Steering Group has no decision making powers however any recommendations are reported directly to the Authority or the relevant Committee.


The Steering Group oversees the process for reviewing the Local Plan, the progress made on individual work streams and provides the Core Project Team with a Member perspective on issues raised.


The membership of the Steering Group is currently all the Member Champions, except the Member Champion for Member Learning & Development.


The terms of reference for the Steering Group can be viewed here Local Plan Review Steering Group Terms of Reference.pdf (